Malaysia Vacation Travel Guide


Malaysia is one of the most beautiful countries you’ll pass through and its people incredibly friendly. It’s also fairly advanced and motorised, you really should hitch through Malaya if only to meet the people.
Kuala Lumpar is a fairly featureless modern city except for its crazy rail way station – as fine a piece of Victorian baroque with eastern overtones as you’ll find anywhere in the world. Between Singapore and Kuala Lumpar is Port Dickson a pleasant seaside resort and Malacca, Malaya’s most historic town. Each of the European powers that held Malacca have left architectural evidence of their presence. There are a find Dutch town hall and the remains of a Portuguese church and fortress. Penang, the island in the north east where Malaya’s second city Georgetown stands, has some of the finest beaches in the world. It’s reached by ferry from Butterworth on the mainland. Go the the top of Penang Hill for the view over all of the island and visit the snake temple. Just near the Thai border, north of Penang, the islands of Langkawi are an interesting resort area. The hill stations in the central highlands are attractive and a popular escape from the summer heat, Cameron Highlands is the best known.

The east coast is far less developed than the west and the Chinese influence, so strong in the west, has hardly touched the traditional Malay way of life. Transport is much more haphazard and at present it is not possible to cross the centre by land from Penang. You can travel all the way up the east coast from the south or cross from Kuala Lumpar to Kuantan. The attractions of the coast are its beautiful beaches and the relaxed way of life.

During May to September giant turtles come ashore to lay their eggs on the beach at night, south of Kuala Trengganu.

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