Styling Tips to Make Your Hair Look Its Best

  • ´╗┐Tips And Tricks For Short Hairstyle
  • Apply hair gel or pomade liberally and make a part on the side. Slick back your hair and you are ready to go.
  • Ask your stylist to trim your hair with a razor blade instead of scissors to give you a tousled look.
  • Rub pomade or gel in your hands and pull your short hair straight up to spike it. You might be surprised at how good this looks.
  • Pixie hairstyles are very hard to grow out. If you want to change your style but don’t want to look a mess in the process, you can let the top grow long enough to pull to one side, then trim back the sides. This will get rid of that infernal, ugly mullet look.
  • If you have a round face you will probably look good with short hair, as long as you keep some volume on top and keep it short and tight at the bottom.
  • Get a tiny round brush and make waves while blow-drying.
  • Another good style for a round face is the long bob, also known as the lob. This is when the back is cut close to the nape of the neck but the sides are longer. The long sides make the face appear slimmer.

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