Styling Tips to Make Your Hair Look Its Best

  • Medium-Length Hair Styling
  • Use the salt wave spray from Chapter 5 to make waves and let your hair dry naturally. Take a portion of hair from the front, near the side, and twist it. Weave some ribbon in if desired and pin it behind an ear. You can do this on one or both sides.
  • Make four braids; two on the side and two in the back. Bobby pin these in layers at the nape of the neck.
  • Make two braids, using just the hair on the top of your head. Pull the two braids back and secure them into a low ponytail, along with the rest of your hair.
  • Slip hair behind your ears and secure it with fancy combs or a barrette.
  • Even though you want long hair and want to avoid cutting it, longer hair still needs to be trimmed every six to eight weeks. Just take off a half inch to an inch at the most.

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