How to understand your style in your 20’s


Your 20 years can be both exciting and a little complicated. You are becoming a little safer and, at the same time, you begin the terrifying task of destroying your path. But what clothes should you wear at 20’s? While trying to discover what you like and what suits you to your taste and lifestyle, you will inevitably have to put together your personal style. Do you tend to lean more towards preppy and slippery pink lipsticks, or rush toward the cuts of the tunic and bohemian prints? Maybe it’s the simplicity you crave and you’re attracted to cigarette pants with clean lines and classic white shirts, or you’ve gone in the opposite direction and you feel a spark every time you see something intimidating, bold and modern.

Whatever your style and no matter how many times you change it over the past to years, one thing that will remain fairly consistent throughout the 1920s is the style advice you learn at 20. Many of them are imprisoned for shameful trials and mistakes, others stumble with grace, while others learn by observing and studying.

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