How to understand your style in your 20’s

  • Bring It Down A Notch

When you still do not know your personal style, it is tempting to go all-in and exaggerate with the delicious trend. While a suede skirt with a fringed jacket, a cambric shirt, and a bolero tie may seem tempting in the dissemination of an editorial, you may come out a little too enthusiastic when ordering a macchiato caramel. Sometimes going all-in will work, or sometimes it will make you want to shake and block your memory. For example, when I was just finishing college, I was obsessed with the appearance of Lucille Ball. I wanted the wide skirts, the scarves on the head, the petticoats, everything. Suffice it to say that there are some images on the Internet where I just want to put my head on the table.
A great tip to learn is that moderation is the key: your style becomes more defined when you knit a trend through the wardrobe instead of completely mastering it. Do not stop and try the trend, no matter how bold or noisy it is, let them give you a signal before painting from head to toe with a personality.

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