How to dress in fashion


Fashion can seem very elusive and only for the privileged. But it is easier to start taking steps in the right direction than you think, towards confidence and a modern wardrobe.

Step one : Lay the foundation

  • Organize your wardrobe

Take all your clothes and decide what you want and do not want. Make a donation, a sale and a suggestion that you could host your sale of boots, with everything you have not worn in a year, it does not fit or is not your style.

If you have not used it in a year, you will not lose it. Thinking, “I” may need this someday!” it will leave you thinking that you have nothing to wear for the most part. Clean someone else could love you in second place.

If you have many objects that do not fit well, do not leave them all with hope. Keep some of your favorites, but keep writing the rest. A closet full of clothes that do not fit can be very demotivating.

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