Popular Foods & Drinks that Have Gluten in Them


Gluten is not just found in bread and other things that contain wheat or barley.

Gluten can be found in places you’d least expect.
Here are the most popular foods that have gluten in them that you’ll find in most restaurants. The list includes typical food/drink items, not special gluten-free version, just to be clear.

  • Bread

Most sandwich breads, Paninis, wraps, submarine rolls, dinner rolls, and hamburger/hot dog buns contain gluten.

  • Salad (Croutons & Some Dressings)

Okay let me be clear. Plain salads with just raw vegetables are gluten-free. The tricky part happens when you start adding croutons and the dressing. As most croutons contain gluten, you should be sure to order your salad minus croutons. Now in terms of dressing, some of them have gluten in them. Just be sure to do your research. A word of advice, watch out for cream-based dressings, more specially bleu cheese. It’s a risky one.

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