Popular Foods & Drinks that Have Gluten in Them

  • Pizza

Pizza from the big/popular pizza joints including Pizza Hut and Papa Johns contain gluten. The same goes for some smaller ones. Thankfully some smaller pizza chains offer gluten-free pizza. Plus, Dominos has one too! (Not safe for the gluten allergenic, however.)

  • Pretzels

Don’t get suckered in to a crab-stuffed soft pretzel or pretzel bites. Pretzels contain gluten.

  • Hamburger Meat

Some restaurants like to add bread crumbs to their hamburgers so be sure to ask you server if there is gluten in the hamburger meat before you order.

  • Meatballs

Don’t let the name fool you. Meatballs contain breadcrumbs and wheat. So always stay clear or at least ask your server first.

  • Soy Sauce

Is your mind blown yet? Yes, soy sauce contains gluten so be sure to watch out when you go out to eat at any Asian restaurant because chances are, there’s soy sauce in your meal, especially in fried rice.

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