Natural Sports Drinks


The sports drink market has many confusing and often conflicting brands; as such, it is hard to tell which ones are the best for you as an athlete. Obviously, pure clean water is the best.

Our bodies are 70% water and we lose a lot of it when we work out. It is, therefore, a rule of thumb that we drink at least 8 glasses of water on a normal day and more when in the field. Water helps transport oxygen and glucose throughout the body helps maintain flexibility, and strengthens your muscles while at the same time lubricating your joints.

Failure to drink enough water could cause headaches and decreases in energy, which are all warning signs of dehydration. The problem is that after a while, plain water can get boring and it does not contain high levels of the electrolytes you lose as you exercise; hence the need to make your own natural energy drink.

Before stopping by the store to buy Gatorade on your way to the game, try making your own natural version of an energy drink: it is a lot healthier, easier, and just as fast. Why should you try making your own rather than reach for your regular store energy drinks?

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