Natural Sports Drinks


Apart from the carbohydrates and electrolytes, regular sports drinks contain additional ingredients like monopotassium phosphate, natural flavors, and unnecessary artificial dyes. Some caffeinated drinks may also contain banned substances such as ephedrine, which might end up costing you your career as an athlete. A natural sports drink is a simple way out of all this.

Going natural means replacing store-bought energy thinks with juice made from fruits and vegetables. Because of their ability to improve endurance and performance, a number of major players hold some plants in high regard.

Here, we are talking about celery, cucumbers, coconut water, and watermelons. Any natural drink you juice should have at least one of them. Let us learn why each of these vegetables is important.


First, celery hydrates the body and helps keep the colon walls hydrated too. This helps get rid of hemorrhoids, a common problem you are likely to face when you are dehydrated and your diet lacks enough fiber.

Celery is also rich in electrolytes, mainly sodium and potassium. These two electrolytes combine with other electrolyte minerals in your body to provide your body with the necessary salt-ion balance that penetrates the cells and hydrates them. These two electrolytes present in celery make it ideal as the most complete fluid replacement drink.

It is important to note that sodium from common table salt or sodium chloride will not be as helpful in hydrating you. Instead, it causes bloating that upsets the stomach since it does not break down efficiently. As a result, your body sends a trigger to dump what is in the stomach. Your body perceives this as some sort of gastro intestinal threat and shuts your legs, ending your performance.

In addition to the sodium and potassium, celery also contains secondary minerals that serve the purpose of increasing your endurance. The calcium and magnesium in celery allow your muscles to continue the electrical impulse without fail even after their depletion. The main cause of cramping during and after a competition is lack of enough calcium and magnesium that are always responsible for expansion and retraction of the muscles.

When lactic acid piles up in your body, it becomes the number one limiting factor to performance. Another remarkable importance of drinking celery juice is that because of its diuretic effect, which it gets from sodium and potassium, it helps flush out these acids.

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