20 Easy Ways To Keep Snakes Away From Your Yard

source: Effective Wildlife Solutions

Snakes are gentle and kind and on the other hand, I do not mind their presence at all. But sometimes there existence can irritate you to the core, especially when you are spending some of your quality time in the garden or when you are relaxing at your deck you shiver at the sight of a snake. If you are frightened by the sight of the snakes then do not worry there are a number of ways to help you out in keeping snakes away from your yard. This can be done without the use of toxic chemicals and harsh methods. Read these methods down below!


1.  Cut down their sources of food

source: Backyard Birds

When it comes to food there are many things that appeal to snakes. These include mice, rats, discarded bird seeds and fruits. So if you have a dustbin make sure it is completely sealed.  And if you have bird feeders that you have kept in the yard try to keep it at a far distance from your house and yards.

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